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Thursday, April 29, 2010

How to kill innovation, learn it from our Govt

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UPA Govt last month rolled out a massive national scheme under which they will provide the women in rural areas with sanitary napkins. While the exact details are unclear, women below the poverty line will be provided with the napkins free of charge where as the rest of the rural women will be charged Re 1 (.02 USD).

This is clearly a great step towards the end goal.  However, there's a 48 year old Coimbatore resident, A. Muruganatham, who isn't smiling.

A. Muruganatham and his invention, a machine that can churn out 120 sanitary napkins an hour, has been creating a lot of waves in the developmental sector.  A high school drop out, Muruganatham created his machine after realizing that there was an immense need for low cost sanitary napkin at the base of the pyramid. According to him, it costs just about 1 rupee (0.02 USD) to produce these napkins and the machine itself costs Rs 66000 (approx USD 1500).

Please read the complete article. This is precisely what I hate about Soviet styled Central Planning.


  1. Interesting Post

  2. On the contrary its crony capitalism at work!

    Socialism calls for SELF RELIANCE....i fail to understand this irrational hate of socialism that a section of Indians have!

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