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Friday, March 13, 2009

How Musharraf was cornered

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Here are the links(13 parts) to the Q&A with General Musharraf at the recently held India Today Conclave where he was asked some really uncomfortable questions. Just look at his hypocrisy. He refused to answer questions on Kargil and kept on putting the blame back on India. Do watch the seventh part where he was taken apart by an Indian Muslim.



  1. I do not know why our media invites people like him. Forget his being cornered by Madani...perhaps that was stage managed. But his reaction was clear: he considers Pakistan the "protector" and "guide" of Indian Muslims.

    He also threatened India with more Kargils if Kashmir was not settled. Has anyone dared to tell him and Pakistan that Pakistan should not even dream of a Kargil...the reaction next time will be massive? No, these guys are just happy to look "secular" like brainless zombies who have no self-respect.

  2. Even I don't why the so called Indian intelligentsia is obsessed with Musharaf...

    When a Kashmiri Pandit woman questioned him about how she & others were in exile and couldn't go back to their homes, he feigned surprised...Apparently, he didn't know there was a group of people called Kashmiri Pandits let alone that they were driven out of Kashmir...

  3. ---Hmmm---

    But, a Brave guy I must say, to come here inspite of knowing that there will be hostile questions..

    There were certain questions which he obviously could not have answered, But I guess, its understandable, and when he says its COMPLEX, my gut says, he really wants to say, "You guys, will not get it and I can't explain you everything"...

    I Loved what that Maulana chap said.I felt like Hugging him.I mean, the brotherhood feeling that you wanna have for Muslims comes out on hearing such statements, doesn't it?
    When you hear such statements, you are gonna hate Modis and feel like standing by and protecting Indian Muslims...!!

    By the way, what is Indian Embassy doing in Kandhar and the another place he mentioned.??Hmm..Guess, the India isn't sitting idle..!!

    I am really confused if we should wish for an economically stronger Pakistan..
    With them being economically stronger, they will have more Jobs, and the % of people in middle class will rise,,and I don't think any middle class person will come and join so called Jihad..
    But on the other hand, they will definitely spend more on their armies, and if our supremacy goes away, We won't be able to have a say.We cannot pressurize them anymore.

    What do you think?

  4. @Chikki
    Yes Chikki, no doubt he is brave enuff to come down here and face the music. Its really gud to hear when Maulana said that he trusts the civil society of India. Even Modi has realised that he cannot go beyond a point with Hindutva and is now talking abt development.

    As far Kandhar and Jallalabad goes, yes India is surely doing something from whatever I have read. Its gud that we are finally giving it back to them and making them realize that they are much weaker than us to deal with insurgency. Under Vajpayee, India started building dams to cut off water to the prosperous Punjab province of Pakistan.

    To answer your last point, I think India wud ideally want a democracy to flourish in Pakistan becoz that wud keep it stable. Additionally, India wud also want that there are higher trade relations between the two nations. GATT and WTO came into being precisely becoz of this. The world trade was decreasing after developed countries began protectionist policies. Trade increases dependencies on one another and thus reduces the chances of an all out war becoz stakes are too high for both sides.

  5. Chikki:Are we better off without an economically ( not politically ) stronger pakistan or we are not?

    There is an old saying, "You can chose ur friends but you cannot choose ur neighbors".
    Wudn't we better off if we have good relations with all our neighbors. Imagine if SAARC cud achieve what EU has managed to do. Moreover, Pakistan continues to occupy center stage with respect to threats to India when it is China that is a bigger threat to us. But China wants India to bleed and wants us to continue to remain engaged with Pakistan. One of the most important things that needs to be understood is that Pakistanis have a high degree of animosity for Indians. So it is important that this animosity is removed otherwise there can never be good relations. There are enuff forces on either side which want to use this animosity to serve their purposes. Pakistani nationalism is based on hatred for India not patriotism for Pakistan