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Monday, July 13, 2009

Ask the Pinkizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?

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If you are 26 years old, happen to live in India manage earn decent and still single, my one and only advice is, create your “Ask the Pinkizzzzzzz” list. Yes I know, you have been avoiding this for the last 1-2 years, but now your parents are pushing too hard. So ok, you can to may be go on an on-site assignment for 2 or 3 years. Great dude, you are AWESOME ( Barney Stinson’s style).

You idiot, how did you forget about the recession and how your dear government has just in is budget done what it always does best, “Do nothing”? So dear, it’s time to prepare your “Ask the Pinkizzzzzzz” list. Because you never know when that moment may arrive. You could be blindfolded straight out of your bed while you are in your sleep and when you open your eyes, you may find yourself on a restaurant table sitting next to a sweet and beautiful women(yaa, god has spent dispprotionate time in making each one of them like that, and then they become wives :((((((), with you looking completely dumbfounded, petrified, terrified, horrified (the Thesaurus has many more of those synonyms). Dude, without the list, what are you going to ask this girl? So it’s time to you take my advice, make the list.

And like all brave Indian men, I am not nervous at all, I am only dumbfounded, petrified, terrified, horrified (please refer the Thesaurus). So guyz and gals, enough of my advice, its time you all give me back some advice.

So people, let me lay down some basic ground rules. You gender does not matter. You are eligible only if you have a have a past experience. Criteria two, you are ineligible if you are too experienced, generation gap matters. I am sorry if some of you fail to meet to either of the criteria’s, but you can still invite your eligible friends to join the discussion.

So people, get the discussion started. Your task is simple, help me create the list.

A true incident
Kindly note that much of my fear built up after I heard what happened to a friend of mine. He went along with his parents to meet an old friend(thats wat he was told). But slowly he began to realize that it was something else. A girl came out all dressed up with a cup of tea. He was dumbfounded too. He whispered into his mother's ear asking "what is going on?". She instantly ordered him to sit down quietly.

But it all ended well. My friend is now engaged to that very girl.


  1. lol I am not eligible to comment here :)

  2. hahaha, unfortunately u hav been the only one to comment in the last one month. i thot that it wud fan out to become an interesting discuusion which so far it hasn't.

    so i guess i wud have 2 relax the eligibilty criteria. in any case u r welcome to refer and invite ur felow bloggers to join the discussion.

  3. Posted your question in a blog post today :)

  4. in which century did this happen ?

  5. Oh my God!! I thought those were the days,..
    these are mall days where usually both (G n B) are unaware of the real intent of that casual meeting of long lost family friends...

    thought provoking though! good one Sandy

  6. @Anrosh n Pins
    I may have exaggerated the things to make it sound funny. I wud just like to add that my friend was asked about his opinion. Even the G n B were given opportunity to talk to each other.

    So it isn't all that bad.

  7. Oh my God!Hilarious but tsk tsk I am inexperienced and so mighty ineligible.I will keep following this post,will sure do me some good.After all,I am nearly 26/F/not earning though :D!

    PS:Keep the list going!!Your friend is brave.
    PPS:Blog hopped here via IHM's!

  8. Hey, interesting post!
    I blogged about a similar instance here...

    Hilarious, how our society functions...

  9. @PG
    Thanks, i hope the suggestions that come are of help. The real discussion is happening at the IHM's blog as her blog has more hits. Here's the link