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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Interesting Readings

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With increasing workload and lack of regular internet, I haven't been that regular on my blog. However, the long holidays of Diwali gave me sometime to explore newer site. I came across some very interesting websites. India Together and Economic and Political Weekly are two of more promising ones. I have added a new widget on blog - News - consisting of all the major sites that I rely on for my news.

In less than a months time, this blog shall complete one year. Its been an amazing journey and I have thoroughly enjoyed.

And finally, I came across this article by Ramcharan Guha, Netaji vs Panditji.It is counter factual story of what would India's history have been if Bose had not died in an air-crash. Unlike Sardar Patel, he was eight years younger than Nehry and could have challenged his hegemony.


  1. Thanks for the links.
    The article per se is not really a counter factual "story", the discussion is left wide open by the writer. No?

  2. Ofcourse he has written the entire story. I suppose he might be planning a novel of his own. :P