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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Interesting Readings

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I came across two interesting articles.

The first one is article mentioning some of the major books that have been banned in India since 1934. Largest number of the books banned are those that have been critical of India and its foreign policy (primarily on Kashmir)

The second is an article that appeared in the latest edition of Outlook magazine. It is a article by a Pakistani journalist and gives interesting insight into the viewpoints from across the border. It states that 1947 is a wrong lens to look at Pakistan. According to him 1971 is a more appropriate lens when India took advantage of an internal trouble to divide Pakistan, something that is still not forgotten and may never will be. Hence, the Pakistanis don't give too much weight age to terrorism in India as for them it is justified.

Though it is slightly biased at times, it is worth reading. I would strongly recommend you to read the second article.


  1. Its interesting to see that earlier books were banned in national interest. But in recent times it has become a tool to gain political advantage and publicity. This goes even for movies. I remember recently when 'the da vinci code' was banned in TN untill the election was over.

    The second link is not working, can u pls check on it? Thx

  2. The 2nd. link is not working...

  3. I am sorry for the mixup. The link has been updated. In any case you may search the latest Outlook Edition.