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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Avant Garde Blogging Awards

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I had nominated two of my post for the Avant Garde Blogging Awards. I am happy to announce that both of them have made it to the first round. Here are the links to my nominations.

Best Public Interest Post: Bollywood: Miles away from Bharat

Best one off Post: Why is billion strong India a laggard in Sports

In the next stage, these post will be read by a group of judges who will select 5-6 entries. The final round will be voting. I am happy to find that there is immense competition and there are 55 and 54 nominations respectively for the second round in the two categories that I am competing in.

May the best blogger win. Here is the link to the complete result. I haven't gone through the nominations but I sure there would some really interesting blogs. Do go through them and in case you find something really interesting, do pass them on to me.

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