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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Interesting Reading

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Here are two interesting articles.

The first article appeared in the Pakistani Newspaper Dawn. It start by stating that in Pakistan prayer are offered before any commercial aircraft takes off. There after it reveals how Delhi Airport is today under serious risk because of a construction of 80-foot statue of Lord Shiva. The article goes on to give similar examples on how religious fundamentalism is growing in India.

The second article is by senior journalist Swapan Dasgupta . He has praised Narendra Modi and his policies. He points out how and why Modi's latest compulsory voting bill can reduce money power and block voting in politics. He also points out how the "Indian of the Year" awards are given and why Narendra Modi would never get it even though he usually gets high number of votes by the public.


  1. Religious fundamentalism is on increase no doubt. Another example: I noticed the involvement of politicians in some religious ceremonies. Once they give their sanction by supporting (by their presence)such ceremonies it is difficult for ordinary people to complain even if the noise, traffic jams etc are disrupting public life because of such ceremonies.

  2. Yes IHM, religious fundamentalism is growing in India. And what is important to note that it includes Hindu fundamentalism. Usually we stereotype only Muslims as being fundamentalist.